Rachel is an accomplished seamstress with a background in commercial sewing for interior design and handbag manufacturing. She first got into sewing due to an interest in historical garments, and they continue to inspire her today. She loves taking design elements from the Victorian, Edwardian and sometimes even Baroque fashion eras and reimaging them into the lolita aesthetic.

As a child, when she visited living history museums all she wanted to do was try on the clothes and learn about sewing. She took all the children’s sewing classes they offered. She spent so much time on hand sewing crafts that her mother signed her up for a machine sewing class at the local community center. In 9th grade, she and Michelle started sewing together, and this would eventually lead to the formation of Belladonna several years later.

Rachel primarily does design and sewing work for Belladonna and brings a classic touch to the brand. Rachel also leads the convention boutique team, and is Belladonna’s merchandising expert.

Her hobbies include competitive dance, playing with her daughter and moving her cats out of the way while sewing.

Outside of designing for Belladonna, Rachel is a licensed paralegal and mother.