While Michelle has been wearing lolita since 2011, her love of sewing was sparked in childhood when she learned to saw at age 11. Her first sewing project was a little denim jumper printed in sunflowers and she’s been expressing her creativity through fashion ever since.

Prior to forming Belladonna with her best friend Rachel, Michelle operated independently under the brand name Atelier Enchanteur.

Michelle is the primary textile designer for Belladonna, creating Belladonna’s custom textile prints, as well as Belladonna’s line of enamel pins. In addition to digital art, she also paints, and plays the violin and piano. She also drafts custom patterns, and designs dress cuts, as well as sourcing trim and materials.

On the accessories front, Michelle creates the items in Belladonna’s jewelry line, and many of the custom one-of-a kind headpieces used in Belladonna’s runway collections.

Outside of designing for Belladonna, Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics and is a licensed nail technician.

Contrary to what one might expect when one looks at the bright and colorful pieces she designs, Michelle enjoys watching true crime and murder she wrote while she designs for Belladonna.